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What Is The World Wide Web?

world wide web

The World Wide Web

The world wide web (www), also referred as the web, is the collection of all accessible web-sites located all over the world. That’s why we see the three “www” letters in almost every website.

Other important terms when it comes to the internet is understanding the diferences between a website, a webpage, and a web browser. Many people get confused with these simple terms which is why we are going to review each of them next.

A website

It's the collection of web pages that are created by one, or more people. The way you access a website is by typing its domain name in the address bar.

For example www.fix-your-computer-today.com is a unique name address that allows you to view this web-site anywhere in the world. No two names are the same.

A webpage

(not to be confused with a website) is the collection of information appropriate for the web and it is accessed through your web browser. As its name implies, it is the one page of information that you are viewing from the web-site.

For example you are currently viewing this web page pertaining to this web-site www.fix-your-computer-today.com/world-wide-web.html.

A web browser

It is the tool that allows you to surf the web. It's the software that enables you to search for, and view the information on the web such as text, images, videos, and/or music. To understand more about the web browser and learn some of the different kinds of browsers out there click here

To put it all together, a web browser is the tool that allows you to view the content on a web page at a web-site on the World-wide-web.

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