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My Computer Will Not Boot Up

If your computer will not boot up, as a rule of thumb, always check the connections. It could be that someone unplugged the computer, or maybe the power surge protector (if you have one) is unplugged, or one of the power cables have become loose.

Power Surge Protectors

Normally power surge protectors have an "on" and "off" button and it’s very easy to turn them off if you step on it accidentally. Not to worry, if that’s the case, turn the on button again and problem solved.

Note: if you are using a power surge protector, and it is set to the ON button, then make sure that the LED light is ON, indicating power.

Making sure that the computer has power might save you a headache. This common mistake can happen to all of us. That’s why it’s important to always check your connections for power first.

Here are tips you can follow when checking for power:

  1. If it appears that the computer is properly connected (all the cables are plugged in correctly), but your computer still will not boot up, check your power supply, which is where the power cord connects in the back of the computer. Most power supplies have an on and off button (just like your power surge protector); make sure that it is "ON" before you think it’s broken.

  2. If the power supply button is on, and still no power, connect your monitor directly to the socket on the wall with the same power cord of the computer to make sure that there is power on the socket, and to make sure that the power cord of the computer isn’t broken. It is not common for power cords to fail, but it does happen from time to time if they break inside. Your monitor light should turn on.

  3. If your monitor light turns on, it means the socket on the wall is fine, the power cord is fine, but your power supply is damaged. All you need to do now is buy another power supply and replace it. This should be simple to do since it only has four small screws. Make sure to use a wrist strap. If you're not sure how to do it check out the "how to install a power supply". Also, check "how to build a computer".

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