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My name is Marlon Rangel and I am the host of this site. It is a pleasure to assist you in anything I can to help you in your learning transition to the world of computers. I hope you learn a lot from this site so you can take as much advantage as you can to get the best knowledge on how computers work and how to fix them.

About Me

I have used computers since I was a kid. I could only do things like open up a computer game to play, or a word document if I had to write a paper, or just surf the web. My knowledge was very limited. I knew how to use them, but I had no idea how to work with them. Finally in 1999 I had the opportunity to start learning about computers and by the time the year 2000 came, I had learned a lot and was able to build my first computer. I pursued an associate’s degree in “PC and LAN Support” and finished in 2003. Then I furthered my career to expand my knowledge and obtained a bachelor’s degree in “Computer Network” in 2005. I now work for a company maintaining the system. I deal with technology every day and I’m hoping to be able to pay it forward by sharing my knowledge with you through this site so you can have confidence using computers.

This Site

This site is intended to help you understand and learn every aspect of computers. Whether basic or advanced it will help you build the confidence you need to do anything you want with a computer. Whether installing programs or new hardware, repairing and maintaining Windows, or even building new computers, through this site you can be confident that you can do it.

Thanks for Visiting!

I hope you find this site www.fix-your-computer-today.com helpful. Keep checking back as I continue to update it with more information that will be of benefit to you. I will try to share with you everything I've learned throughout my career.

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