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How To create A Folder In Windows

Is your computer desktop cluttered with files? I will show you how to create a folder to help organize it better. creating folders will help you organize your computer in ways that best suits your needs by putting all the files of the same kind into the folders you create and label. Maybe you want to make a folder to store your Word documents, or Excel documents, or power point presentations, or any other file. If you organize your files into folders, it will be easier for you to find the them quicker in the future. So here is how you make a folder:

Right click on the mouse button in an open space of your computer desktop. right click

Go to new and click on folder (see image Beblow).

Create a folder

You can also do this in any open folder or subfolders just make sure is an open space so that you get the right sub menu when you right click on your mouse.

At this point when you first create the folder, it will be called "New Folder" and it will also be highlighted which means you can change its name to something else. In this case i called it "Folder" (see animation below).

renaming a folder

To rename the folder, right click on the folder you want renamed and click on rename. This will highlight the text and will allow you to type a new name. Type the new name and press enter (see below).

folder renamed

Right click folder and click on rename.

folder renamed

Text is highlighted.

folder renamed

Folder renamed.

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