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Below you’ll find a free computer help service through a list of “how to” topics that you can keep at your disposal whenever you need it. There are tons of computer books in the market today that you can read and learn from, but their wide-ranging pages of text can make them overwhelming to digest.

Most people aren't always looking to learn about everything in a subject, in this case, about computers; instead, they just want to learn what they need. Reading a book doesn't always give you the answer to your specific question and this web site fills that gap. Since the articles presented here are specific, they give you the freedom to choose the topics relevant to you whenever you need them and that’s what I mean when I say you can keep this information at your disposal.

How free computer help works?

Simply choose your topic of preference and learn how to do it. Step by step images are incorporated in each topic for visual aid and to assist you better in understanding the subject. I will help you get hands on experience so you can begin to build well founded computer knowledge. Take advantage of this free computer help.

How to build a computer
Learn how to connect the components inside the computer case and build the perfect machine for you.

How to make new a user account in Windows XP
Learn how to create new accounts for other people using your computer.

How to delete the browsing history in IE 7
Learn how to keep your internet browser clean and why it is important to do so.

How to password protect Windows XP
Learn how to protect your own account from getting accessed by other people without your permission.

How to run system restore
Learn what the purpose of System Restore is and how to undo unwanted changes in your computer.

How to run disk cleanup
The disk cleanup tool is able to determine which files on the hard drive are no longer needed. Learn how to run it.

How to run disk defragmenter
This is an important tool to learn because the disk defragmenter tool will help organize files in your computer for better performance.

How to set auto login for Windows XP
By default, your computer should auto login if you are the only user in your computer. If this is no longer the case, learn how to set the auto login.

How to create a folder
If your computer is too cluttered with files, you need to create folders to organize it. Learn how to do it here.

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