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This site map puts you a click away of your topic destination. This site is dedicated to help you save time and money by understanding and learning about computers. Let’s be honest, computers are good to have and they have become indispensable to us. For many, computers are an every day need.

However, having a computer isn’t everything. Many people know how to use computers, but not many people know how to maintain and fix them.

Computers Need Maintenance

Let’s face it, nobody wants a broken computer. Everyone likes to have a fast computer, but even if you had a brand new computer, it will soon start to slow down unless you know how to maintain it.

Like any other machine, computers need regular maintenance so they can keep running and performing at their best. The good news is that it is very easy to do, so don't pay another computer technician, use this site map and master the world of computers today.

Here is what to expect:

Computer Definitions
     What is an IP address?
     What is a spyware?
     What is a swap file?
     What is a web browser?
     What are computer viruses?
     What is disk cleanup?
     What is disk defragmenter?
     What is RAM memory?
     What is the command prompt?
     What is the desktop?
     What is the world wide web?

Computer Basics
     Understanding computers
     Desktop vs laptop computers
     Parts of a computer desktop
     Inside the computer
     Understanding binary code
     Understanding operating systems
     understanding files and folders
     understanding the recycle bin

Free Computer Help
     How to build a computer
     How to create a user account in Windows XP
     How to delete the browsing history in IE 7
     How to password protect Windows XP
     How to run system restore
     How to run disk cleanup
     How to run disk defragmenter
     How to set auto login for Windows XP
     How to create a folder

     I am not getting internet connection
     My computer is running too slow
     My computer will not boot
     My keyboard stopped working
     My speakers are not getting sound

Speed Up My PC

Note: this site is still growing. I will keep adding links as I add more articles.

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