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What Is An IP Address?

An IP address stands for internet protocol, and it is a code comprised of four sets of numeric values that every computer connected to a network or to the internet has. This number is unique for every computer on the internet. Without it, a computer could not be able to connect to the internet or network. Here is an example: ""

We read these numbers as decimal numbers, but computers read them as binary numbers which are made out of "zeros" and "ones," but it is easier for us to remember them if they are expressed in a decimal format like the one above. To show you how much easier it would be let's compare the IP number above with its binary number, which, as I mentioned before, it is the way computers use to communicate. Look at this number in binary format:

As you can see, the difference between one set of numbers and the other is great, and especially when it comes to remembering the number.

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