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What Is Disk Defragmenter?

Disk Defragmenter is a tool of Windows operating system that analyzes the hard drive and merges fragmented files into one contiguous block or space (see image below). This will allow your system to access files and folders and save new ones more efficiently.

what is disk defragmenter

The red bars, as the legend provided by the tool shows, are the fragmented files, and this is what the utility corrects. The top part shows the analysis performed by the tool and it shows how fragmented the computer is. The bottom one shows the results or current status of defragmentation.

By utilizing this tool to consolidate your files and folders, it will prevent new files to be fragmented when saved in your hard drive. The amount of time that the utility takes will depend on the size of the hard drive, the number of programs and files saved on the hard drive, and how long it has been since the last time it was defragmented. Follow the link for information on how to run disk_defragmenter)

what is disk defragmenter

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