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Computer Basics

Welcome and congratulations on your first step to learn the computer basics that are necessary to understanding what computers are all about. My goal is to give you a solid foundation about computers, and with these basic computer skills you’ll create just that.

computer basics

Are you new at using the computer and would like to learn more about them? These tutorials will introduce you to all the basic concepts that you need to know to start building on your computer skills.

Why learn computer basics?

They are essential when trying to repair or maintain a computer. You must first learn to walk before you start running. Become familiar with the basic concepts of computing knowledge before going into more advance lessons. This will allow you to think critically and systematically when fixing a computer problem.

We see computers almost everywhere these days, at the store, the office, and even have them at home. Most of us use them daily. If you see one or hear of one, you know what it is. However, a computer is more than just a name, a piece of hardware, or a brand. Knowing what a computer is or looks like does not mean you can fix one or understand how much they can do for you, so start to learn now.

1. Introduction to Computers

Objectives for these lessons:

2. Introduction to Operating Systems

Objectives for these lessons:

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