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What Is A Computer Spyware?

A computer spyware is a type of software that gets installed in your machine without your consent or knowledge. It monitors and gathers information about user’s behavior over the internet, and it sends it back to the software’s creator to be manipulated.

This is the reason why sometimes when surfing the web an advertisement pop up may appear on your computer screen because it monitors the computer’s behavior over the internet.

Through this monitoring, it will send ads that are thought to be relevant to what the user is doing on the internet.

This type of software is considered malicious since it can compromise the security of people’s personal information.

Since it’s installed on your hard drive, it is taking up space and it often slows down the performance of the computer.

A spy-ware can get installed in different ways. An example would be if the the company that creates them pays a software publisher to include it in their software.

Other times could be just by accessing a website or clicking on a link that carries it.

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